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Este é o blog do artista Gormax e foi criado em Setembro de 2007. Graças à qualidade do layout e à excelente seleção e bom gosto na escolha das fotos e desenhos, classifiquei-o como "Cool Blog" e não como "Gay Toons", como poderia se prever incialmente. Porém, nas Categorias ele aparece também classificado em "Gay Toons".
A seguir, transcrevo o texto fiel (em inglês) que foi publicado sobre ele no blog BOYTOONS:
" A few days ago, Gormax emailed me. I immediately went to his Blog Gay Imagery, and what I found was a wonderful blend of erotica and Gay Art. His Blog is full of great images of sexy naked guys, and he’s also posted erotic artwork which he has collected from every corner of the net. But what I love best about this man’s Blog is his very own, exquisite artwork.
Seriously! Take a look at the gorgeous blond Boytoon on the cover of today’s issue and tell me that you aren’t turned on. You can’t, can you? Thought not! ;) Isn't he inviting?!
Gormax’s art is fantastic, and what enchants me most about it is his ability to infuse erotica with an almost graphic design sense of flare. I’ve mentioned before how much I admire artists who can do this, and Gormax is a fine example of this kind of talent.
His art is cutting edge, fresh and very now. It screams of progress and of contemporariness in a way that is completely appealing and without risk of becoming dated. His style ranges from the more realistic to simplified figures which are always very sexy, whether they are coated in detail or boiled down to their basic lines.
It takes a very talented artist to arouse with just a few lines. Gormax can do that!
I was very happy to learn that Gormax also has a
Deviant Art gallery, where other fine examples of his work are on display. If you enjoy what you see over at his Blog, I strongly encourage you to head on over to his Deviant Art home for some more eye candy.
On a personal note, I have to say that it is really amazing to me to see just how many truly gifted artists of gay erotica are emerging nowadays. I don’t know if it is because the notion of “gay Erotic Art” is suddenly more popular than it ever has been, or if more and more artists feel confident in expressing their own sexual preferences through their art. Whatever the case may be, I am just glad it’s a happening more and more. After all, I think that artist like Gormax add a great deal of beauty and sophistication to the genre.
He may be a relatively new name on the scene, but my guess is that someone with as much talent and inspiration as Gormax promises to be around for a very long time. So much the better!"
Quem escreveu todos estes elogios a respeito dele foi simplesmente Patrick Fillion, um dos maiores artistas do gênero no mundo...
Reproduzi aqui imagens que foram postadas no blog no período set/dez/07.

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